Building Health

Building health

AMP's event building infrastructure includes the fabrication, shipment, and installation of a highly specific type of temporary wall and lighting system that allows for safe and efficient build in a variety of environments and structures. To date we have built over 600 events, tailoring our equipment, budgets, and timeline to the requirements of the space and the objective of the experience. AMP holds a nationwide inventory of walls and lighting systems with access to 85,000 linear feet of hard wall and 40,000 linear feet of lighting truss, and we build easily into both permanent and temporary structures, from 50,000 square foot tented, outdoor pavilions to 100,000 square foot convention centers as well as sports arenas, theaters, and multipurpose event and retail spaces.

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As the need for safe, clean environments for patient care becomes clear, AMP is in discussions to lend at cost our event architecture and infrastructure to the creation of field hospitals here in New York State and nationwide. Multiple studies have shown that a hospital’s physical environment is much more than a backdrop for healthcare delivery. The presence of art has a measurable impact on a patient's pain levels. AMP is committed to leveraging our access to inspiring and engaging artwork to positively impact the health and healing of those around us. We are looking to you as a member of our community of gallerists, artists, and collectors to consider donating decor and design to these facilities to create brighter, richer, happier environments.

If you are interested in participating, please email and let us know what you'd like to make available.